Play and learn right at home
Play and learn right at home
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About Us

Brillando with Betty came to be as a happy accident with Betty, the CEO and Founder. Betty was not sure what to gift her daughter and best friend's son for their birthdays. Then it occurred to her to create small activities they get to open monthly, as a way to give six gifts instead of one!

 After posting about it on Instagram, the interest grew with her friends and family and she began making kits at home and delivering them locally. After two weeks of making kits for friends and family and having created about 30 kits she decided it would be a lot more sustainable to start shipping them. After lots of brainstorming and creative work Betty developed a Fall Themed STEM kit and decided to open her online store.

 Betty has a background in Early Childhood Special Education. She was a teacher in Miami-Dade County Public Schools for about four years and then went on to work with the University of Miami’s Mailman Center for Child Development. In her new role Betty trained teachers in the preschool setting on how to use assistive technologies to increase early literacy skills of children with different abilities.

 As a parent and a teacher Betty enjoys participating in fun educational activities at home. Also as a parent who loves her job, Betty recognizes how sometimes guilt can settle in when a parent is feeling like he or she is “not doing enough” for their child. A huge motivation for Betty to create Brillando was the families who reached out and told her “I never know how some of these parents do it!” Betty wants parents to have a one stop shop for finding ways to bond with their children for those small moments during the day without having to worry on the prep and set up!